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American Standard has been pioneering heating and air conditioning since the 1880’s with the American Standard furnace. Through mergers, buyouts, and affiliations American standard has grown and is now part of the Ingersoll Rand family of brands. American Standard furnaces started out with cast iron components in 1881 and are now produced using high quality stainless steel. American standard conditioners have been fueled by oil, gas, and electricity throughout the last 130 years. Trane has succeeded American Standard; Trane is also an Ingersoll Rand brand. Production and assembly of American Standard residential products are performed in factories located in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, Mexico, and India.

Products produced by American standard’s residential heating and air conditioning division range from air conditioners to filters and indoor air quality products. The American Standard furnace is still a staple product like it was in the 1880’s and has been built on reliability, sustainability, and efficiency.

Whole home comfort products have changed since American standard first started over 100 years ago, and like these products, American standard has evolved and changed. Being part of the Ingersoll Rand family has helped American standard develop into a green company that also produces quality products that qualify to be installed in certified green homes. They have also put a priority on implementing ethical practices that create a sustainable earth. This means that American standard products are built to maximize efficiency and minimize the impact on the environment while providing exceptional reliability and comfort.

Bingham’s One Hour Heating and AC is qualified to install, service, and repair all residential American Standard heating and air conditioning systems. Also, as a company committed to ethical standards, Bighams’s tracks issues relating to all major brands. Below are a list of known issues that your Bigham’s technician will look for at the time of your service or repair appointment.

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