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Coleman is the most widely used mobile and manufactured home heating and cooling brand in the United States. With over fifty years of producing specialty products for mobile and manufactured home Coleman has taken a majority share in the market and is extremely well known for its longevity and dependability. Also, because conventional residential products are not approved or sized correctly for mobile and manufactured homes, Coleman was the only option for a long time.

Starting out in 1900, Coleman became widely known for producing lanterns that were durable and efficient. In 1958, Coleman entered the Heating and air conditioning industry with the Coleman furnace and Coleman air conditioner specifically for mobile homes. Unitary Products Group purchased Coleman in 1996; this is the same company that has York HVAC in its family. The Coleman furnace and air conditioner are produced in facilities located in Kansas, which produces all Unitary Products Group residential heating and air conditioning products.

Today Coleman is still the largest player in the mobile home heating and air conditioning market and has innovated and made its products even more efficient and has continued to deliver high quality and dependability. The Coleman Furnace is still being installed all over the country as well as the Coleman air conditioner. Coleman continues to be the most popular brand and most requested and recommended solution for owners of mobile and manufactured homes.

Bigham’s One Hour Heating and AC is highly qualified to service, repair, replace, and install Coleman Furnaces, air conditioners, and any other Coleman system. Bigham’s keeps track of all known issues and safety concerns with every brand to keep customers safe and also protect and prevent these issues from occurring to your system. If you notice any issues with your Coleman system please contact Bigham’s and a technician will ensure the proper operation and safety of your system. The certified technician will check for all known issues at the time of your appointment. Heating and air conditioning systems are complex and even though issues do occur these are not necessarily negative reflections on the brand. Coleman has proven that they improve and take care of any issues promptly and effectively. The list below contains known issues that the technician will check.

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