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General Electric (GE) has been a dominant player in the appliance and power industries; they also produced heating and cooling products up until 1982. Trane acquired the GE air conditioner division and incorporated the products into its own brand. GE branded air conditioner and furnace products are only produced under the Trane brand these days. GE Air Conditioners were very reliable and had the backing of a strong brand; they still have these qualities under the Trane brand.

With Furnaces, Air Conditioners, ductless mini-splits and indoor air quality systems, GE has developed some of the most innovative HVAC products over the years. Most of the Trane design concepts and residential systems are a result of the GE acquisition. With the company’s extensive background in appliances, it was simple to extend into the major outdoor residential appliances with heating and air conditioning.

Unfortunately, with the focus of GE going toward retail consumer items the heating and air conditioning was an outlier in the company. We might have seen many more high quality GE Furnaces and air conditioners if the company had not headed to window and portable heating and cooling options. Trane has represented the GE brand admirably with continued high quality production and strong residential products being delivered year after year.

Bigham’s One Heating and AC is qualified to repair, replace, maintain, and service GE air conditioner and furnace systems. To give you the highest quality of service, Bigham’s tracks known issues with all major brands. Each brand does rigorous quality testing but issues can still make it through and cause recalls and service alerts. Below is a list of known issues with GE heating and cooling systems that your bighams technician will check and notify you of on your next scheduled appointment.

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Known Safety Recalls and Service Alerts for GE HVAC Equipment