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With some of the most durable Luxaire furnace, air conditioners, and heat pumps on the market. Luxaire has proven time and again that they are a strong contender in the marketplace and a proven brand that can be trusted to continue being reliable and trusted by homeowners.

Reliability is the best strength of the Luxaire brand, they do not always have the newest technology or the very highest efficiency but you can always count on them to keep running. And even though Luxaire manufactures and assembles all their units here in the United States they have been able to be a very affordable option for homeowners.

Luxaire started in 1939 by producing coal and gas furnaces out of Ohio. During World War 2, Luxaire furnaces were installed in over 60% of army barracks. A decade later Luxaire introduced residential air conditioners and home heating systems. Luxaire has been producing American made furnaces and air conditioners for homes and commercial businesses since its beginning. Luxaire became a Johnson Controls Inc. Company in the mid-eighties, which has boosted its reach and improved quality and efficiency within the company. Luxaire manufacturing and headquarters are based in Kansas and Oklahoma along with affiliated partner York.

Bigham’s One Hour Heating and AC is qualified to repair, replace, maintain, and service your Luxaire furnace or air conditioner. Bigham’s tracks all major brand issues to provide you with the highest level of service. Below is a list of all current issues related to Luxaire systems, your Bigham’s technician will check for any signs of these issues occurring with your system and handle any manufacturer recalls. Schedule your next appointment for service or maintenance to have your system examined by a Bigham’s tech.

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