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Payne has the reputation for manufacturing quality products with the top efficiencies. In addition to the high quality Payne furnace and the Payne air conditioner, Payne has started manufacturing ductless mini-split systems since these types of systems have become extremely popular here in the United States.

Payne furnaces and air conditioners are a division of Carrier Corporation, manufacturing both residential and commercial heating and air conditioning units. As a Carrier brand, Payne has continued to stay strong. Many of the original Payne features have been incorporated into current Carrier products and have helped make the brand stronger.

Since being started in 1914, Payne has been known for quality gas furnaces that have been at the highest efficiency. Payne also produces top quality air conditioners that have been focused on energy efficiency by working to get the highest energy star ratings.

The mindset of quality and high efficiency also carries over to the commercial products that Payne is well known for. Payne works hard to get the highest efficiency ratings from energy star and other government rating agencies. The focus on energy savings passes value along to homeowners by cutting utility bills by as much as fifty percent in some cases.

Bigham’s One Hour heating and AC is a certified Payne contractor able to service, install, replace, and maintain your Payne furnace or air conditioner. To deliver on the Bigham’s promise of exceptional service, all major brands are tracked for issues and known problem areas. Your bigham’s technician will check for the following list of issues at the time of your next scheduled appointment and make you aware of any indicators that your system might be at risk. Bigham’s will also deal with the manufacturer on all recalls related to your system.

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